Thursday, August 25, 2016

President's Blog - August 2016

Dear Chapter Stakeholders –
In this edition of the President’s Blog:
  • Professional Development
  • Board Vacancy: Vice President of Finance
  • PMI-Tucson Bylaws
  • Book Buzz
  • Speaker Ideas
  • Presentation Materials

Professional Development
Last month, PMI-Tucson was fortunate to gain a transplant from the San Diego Chapter, Ty Chang. In California, he served as Vice President of Professional Development, and was instrumental in the success of that Chapter’s program. Thankfully for us, he’s ready to assist the PMI-Tucson Chapter in the development and implementation of Professional Development program here. (At this time, PMI-Tucson Bylaws do not provide for a Vice President of Professional Development role, so Ty has been approved by the Board to function as our Director of Professional Development.)

I am very excited about this because I know it’s something our members will value.

Of course, the launch of this ambitious project will require volunteers to support. Be on the lookout for opportunities posted to VRMS: We’ll need a Course Director, Course Manager, Course Coordinator, and several Course Instructors. (Volunteers may claim PDU credit for their efforts.)

Please welcome Ty to our Chapter, and be sure to contact him ( if you have ideas about this initiative!

Board Vacancy: Vice President of Finance
Unfortunately, our proposed Vice President of Finance had an unexpected personal situation arise and she had to withdraw from consideration. If you’re interested in serving on the Board, please review the VRMS posting for the position, and/or contact Neil Jones ( or Eve Cran (
PMI-Tucson Bylaws
Final news item regarding our PMI-Tucson Bylaws – the recent revisions have been approved by our membership. Thank you for taking the time to review our old and revised Bylaws, and then for voting to approve them. If you missed the opportunity to vote but still want to review the Bylaws, they are located on the PMI-Tucson website under About Us\Bylaws.
Book Buzz
Quick reminder about Book Buzz! We’ve had a good response to this quarter’s selection: Ava S. Butler’s Mission Critical Meetings: 81 Practical Facilitation Techniques. Please join us on Saturday, September 17th at Caffe LucĂ© (4205 N. Campbell) to discuss this book – with the author! Ava has graciously agreed to attend, so don’t miss this opportunity to further explore the topic of meeting efficacy with the author! Register on the PMI-Tucson Events page.
Speaker Ideas
We’re always interested in ideas for speakers -- please contact Jason Falter ( if you have suggestions.

Presentation Materials
Looking for the materials presented by a speaker at one of our meetings? If the speaker provided permission to post them, they can be found on the PMI-Tucson website under Chapter Members\Presentations.
* * *
By the time this blog is published, classes will have started at the University of Arizona. Many of you know that I am an adjunct lecturer of Project Management at the school. My schedule this term is Tuesday and Thursday evenings, so unfortunately I will not be able to attend any of the Tucson dinner meetings until the end of the year. I regret this inaccessibility, but as my schedule permits I will attend other PMI events. If you have an idea for the Chapter, wish to volunteer, or ask a question of me, please do not hesitate to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!


Sunday, July 31, 2016

President's Blog - July 2016

Dear Chapter Stakeholders –

In this edition of the President’s Blog:

  • Speaker Ideas
  • Director of Volunteers
  • VP of Finance Board Position
  • PMI-Tucson Bylaws
  • Book Buzz

Speaker Ideas

VP Programs is a challenging and exciting position because the incumbent is responsible for securing speakers for our three monthly meetings.

We could use your ideas for speakers and/or topics. Do you know someone who has an interesting project management story to tell? Are you aware of someone who has some valuable lessons learned to share?

If so, please contact Jason Falter ( at your earliest opportunity!

Director of Volunteers

I am thrilled to announce that Neil P. Jones has become our new Director of Volunteers! Neil joined the Chapter in May, and when he did, he knew he wanted to make a difference straightaway. We had the perfect role for him: Director of Volunteers. The Board is excited to have someone manage the volunteers and volunteer opportunities. Any volunteer opportunity the Board has will be funneled through Neil and posted in PMI’s VRMS (Volunteer Relationship Management System) for all to review. He’ll also ensure opportunities are announced at regular Chapter meetings.

Welcome to the Chapter, and thank you for your immediate contribution!

VP Finance

As many of you are aware, we have a vacancy at the VP Finance position. I’m pleased to report another recent transplant to Arizona (and the Chapter) has volunteered to assume this role. Julie Sharpless is no stranger to Tucson or to PMI, having worked at Raytheon for a number of years before moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. Now she’s back and ready to get involved!
Although the Board has reviewed her impressive resume, they have yet to meet her. So, we’ve approved her on an interim basis to allow the Chapter and the Board to get to know her better, and also to enable Julie to assess if this role is the right fit for her. If you meet her at a regular Chapter meeting, please introduce yourself and make her feel welcome!

PMI-Tucson Bylaws

As discussed in the June 2016 President’s Blog, the Bylaws are ready for your review and vote. If you’re a member of the Chapter, then you received an email requesting you to vote on the proposed revisions by 8 August 2016. Please don’t miss your chance to weigh in on this important document.

Book Buzz 

We’ve had a recommendation to adopt Ava S. Butler’s Mission Critical Meetings: 81 Practical Facilitation Techniques book as our next selection. Many of you may recall that Ava presented at our February dinner breakfast meetings in Tucson. She has graciously agreed to attend our next Book Buzz meeting on Saturday, September 10th to discuss the book, its ideas, and other topics related to meetings. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the author and (most importantly) learn a few things about how to improve the efficacy of your meetings.

See you soon!


Sunday, June 5, 2016

President's Blog, June 2016

Dear Chapter Stakeholders – 
In this edition of the President’s Blog: 
  • PMI-Tucson Bylaws 
  • VP of Finance Board Position 
  • Book Buzz! 
  • Next GeekMeet/PMI-Tucson Networking Event 
The Bylaws for our chapter haven’t been revised since 2010, and it’s time to do so. The Board has worked hard to update the Bylaws in a variety of ways such as to address the role of students in the chapter and also to define a new position on the Board: President Elect. Before they may be approved, we need your review and feedback. That’s why we’ll post them on our website for 30 days.  They’ll be available under the “About Us” page (or use this URL: beginning on 06/6/16.  After this review period, we’ll update based on your feedback, as appropriate.  Then there will be a membership vote to adopt them. 

VP Finance 
As I wrote about in the May blog post, we’re poised to lose our dynamic VP of Finance, Marcela Delgado. If you want to take a greater role in the Chapter, earn additional PDUs, and work with a terrific board, please contact me at to throw your hat into the ring. 

Book Buzz 
The June 4th meeting of Book Buzz was a wonderful start to the conversation about Balanced Scorecard Evolution: A Dynamic Approach to Strategy by Paul R. Niven. None of the participants had finished reading the text, but nonetheless they had a terrific discussion about the first several chapters and how this tool for managing strategy execution could be used for an organization, department, or project. We decided to extend our rich dialog into another session. So, if you wanted to participate but were unable to do so on June 4th, you have another opportunity: July 23rd. Mark your calendars! Networking starts at 8:30 and our discussion begins at 9.  
Remember, if you attend Book Buzz, you get to suggest the next book for consideration 

Next GeekMeet/PMI-Tucson Networking Event 
The next GeekMeet /PMI-Tucson combined happy hour is scheduled for July 20 from 5:30 to 8:30 at Borderlands Brewing Company, 119 E Toole Ave.  Although PDUs are not available for this event, it’s another great evening when our two groups come together to mingle with other technical and project management professionals in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Come hungry – food will be provided by TekSystems! Register at  

See you soon! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

President's Blog - May 2016

Dear Chapter Stakeholders –
In this edition of the President’s Blog:
  • Opportunity Knocks:  Open Board Position for VP of Finance
  • Book Buzz Meeting Coming up on 6/4
  • The First Networking Event
  • Update from Second Quarter Board of Directors Meeting

VP Finance
For the last several years, the Board has been privileged to have Marcela Delgado function as our VP of Finance.  It’s not surprising that her time is at a premium and Marcela has requested to step down after the July Board meeting.  We will be sorry to lose her passion and productivity on the Board, but appreciate all of her efforts on our behalf.
Interested in a challenge?  Think you can fill Marcela’s shoes?  (They’re pretty big – she was a big contributor to our Chapter.)  Want to earn extra PDUs?  Please contact me at to throw your hat into the ring.
Book Buzz
Don’t forget!  The next selection for the quarterly PMI-Tucson Book Buzz meeting is Balanced Scorecard Evolution: A Dynamic Approach to Strategy Execution by Paul R. Niven. The text is rather lengthy, so to encourage involvement, each participant need only come prepared to discuss one case study. Coordinate case selections via email with me prior to the event on Saturday, June 4th.  Grab a pastry and some coffee at 8:30 a.m. because at 9 sharp we’ll start our discussion.  Finish up your reading, and I’ll see you there! 
First Networking Event – Success!
In April, we held our first combined social event with GeekMeet Tucson, an organization whose mission is “to help technologists succeed as thinkers, strategists, communicators and leaders of the future.”  The happy hour, sponsored by TEKSystems at Reilly’s Craft Pizza downtown, was very well attended. The atmosphere was casual and people enjoyed meeting other professionals, having light discussions about business and personal interests, and exchanging business cards.  We will do another combined event with GeekMeet in July.  Big thank you to TEKSystems for their continuing support.  If you attended, drop me an email and let me know what you thought about it.
Second Quarter Board of Directors Meeting
The Board held its second quarter meeting on April 30th.  I provide the agenda below and a brief sentence about the content / discussion.  If you want more information about a particular topic, please email me.
  • 2016 Strategic Plan Current State Review and Alignment
    • Continued refinement of strategic plan for deployment in 2017.
  • Sponsorship Update / Sponsorship Budget
    • Update on sponsorship pursuits.
  • North American LIM (San Diego – September)
    • Eve Cran will attend for the Chapter.
  • Website Redesign
    • Coming soon!
  • VP of Finance Updates
    • Financial Policies and Finances
      • Development will be ready for Board review at July meeting.
      • Board Members owe VP of Finance their proposed budgets by May 15.
  • Membership Strategy
    • Guest Pass Program
  • Updates
    • Chapter Survey Results
As always, I welcome your feedback on the direction of our chapter.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

President's Blog - April 2016

Dear Chapter Stakeholders – 

In this edition of the President’s Blog: 

  • our first networking event on April 28th; 
  • the opportunity to provide feedback on PMI-Tucson professional development opportunities; 
  • how to update your member information on the PMI-Tucson website;
  • volunteer opportunities; 
  • the next selection for Book Buzz.

Inaugural Networking Meeting 

In January of this year, I presented the PMI-Tucson goal of establishing quarterly networking events to provide increased value to chapter members. Given the limited amount of networking time we have before our regular meetings and also that we usually have a set of people interested in job opportunities, this seemed the natural way to expand our available services to members. Under the direction of new Director of Networking Mari Diffley, I am pleased to report our first event has been scheduled! 

Register here for a social at Reilly Craft Pizza and Beer (on Pennington) on Thursday, April 28th from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. TEKSystems has graciously agreed to sponsor the event, which will be jointly attended by members of GeekMeet. 

We welcome your feedback on this event, even if you are unable to attend. Please feel free to contact any board member to give us your input. Tell us your thoughts about the format, location, and/or anything else about the event. Also, please feel free to suggest other networking ideas. 

Professional Development Opportunities 

Jason Falter, our VP of Programs, would like membership feedback on desired professional development opportunities. For example, if the Chapter sponsored a day-long event where participants attended a series of one-two hour lectures on a variety of different topics – and received PDUs -- would that be of interest? What about PMI-Tucson sponsored PMP-prep courses? Send Jason your feedback. 

Member Records 

We are in the process of reviewing the data integrity of our member data. We often receive notification that our communications haven’t reached some members, or that our data is out of synch with the corporate PMI database. Also, there is a lag in time between when a member renews online with PMI and when the chapter receives notification of the renewal. So, please take a moment to verify that your profile on the PMI-Tucson website is accurate. To do so, login to the website, then choose View profile. Please check your email address, phone number, organization, and job title, and make corrections, as needed. If you have any issues, please send your changes to our VP Membership (Dr. Elizabeth Lugosi). You may also want to check your PMI profile on the PMI corporate website. Log in, then choose myPMP and then Profile. We appreciate your help!

Volunteer Opportunities 

As always, we need volunteers to help us expand our programs and provide more benefits to members. One of the goals of VP Membership is to develop a PMI-awareness campaign. This could involve mail contact or in-person visits to local companies. It would also be wonderful to have more company representatives present at our meetings as so many organizations are interested in project management and PMI-Tucson members would benefit from learning more about Tucson businesses. We would also like to have conversations with college leaders/student group leaders in order to introduce them to PMI-Tucson and to explain the benefits of joining our Chapter. If you would like to be a volunteer to engage with students or faculty members, please contact our VP Membership -- Dr. Elizabeth Lugosi. (Remember, volunteers earn PDUs!) 

Book Buzz 

We have a winner! The next selection for the quarterly PMI-Tucson Book Buzz meeting is Balanced Scorecard Evolution: A Dynamic Approach to Strategy Execution by Paul R. Niven. The text is rather lengthy, so to encourage involvement, each participant need only come prepared to discuss one case study. Coordinate case selections via email with me prior to the event on Saturday, June 4th. Start reading, and we’ll see you there! 


Saturday, March 12, 2016

President's Blog - March 2016

Dear Chapter Stakeholders – 
It’s been an eventful month and first quarter!  In this edition of the President’s Blog, I’ll talk about our Chapter Bylaws, volunteer opportunities, the inaugural meeting of Book Buzz, provide an update on the proposed Brown-Mackie College collaboration, and extend an offer from the organizers of the upcoming TechJunction conference to PMI members to attend the event for free.  Hang on!  Here we go… 
PMI-Tucson Chapter Bylaws 
PMI-Tucson has not reviewed or updated our Bylaws since 2010, and it’s time to do so both to ensure they reflect our current needs and situation, and also because PMI requires it. 
Both PMI and the Board have reviewed and made suggested changes to the Bylaws.  We have a few outstanding questions to resolve, but once we do, the approval of them will go through the following process: 
  • The proposed Bylaws will be made available on the chapter’s website for a designated review period 
  • Members can vote on the Bylaws using Votenet (not yet available) 
  • If the Bylaws are approved by the members, the new version will be updated to the website. 

Note: the current version of the Bylaws is available on the website under the About Us link.  (Access here.) 
Volunteer Opportunities 
Good news and bad news.  First the good news:  Mari Diffley has offered to serve as the Director of Programs (Dinner Meetings), reporting to Dr. Elizabeth Lugosi, our VP of Membership.  The entire Board thanks Mari for volunteering to make sure registration and logistics operate smoothly at the dinner meetings.  It’s a very important role and contributes to our success as a chapter as this person is often the chapter’s first contact with new and potential members, in addition to welcoming our existing membership to the meeting. 
The following must be filed under the heading of good news/bad news:  The good news is that Sami Hall has accepted a position with a great organization in town.  Congratulations!  However, that means Sami is not available to serve as our Director of Networking.  This position is responsible for developing our networking events, initially proposed at once a quarter.  This is an important service, and part of the Board’s commitment to provide more value to our membership.  If you have the bandwidth, please consider taking on this vital position.  Contact me ( for any additional information. 
Book Buzz 
The inaugural meeting of Book Buzz was held on Saturday, March 5th.  Although some might consider the turnout of four people low, those who attended had a great discussion about Peter Boni’s book, All Hands on Deck.  (We’ll post the discussion questions online in the Chapter Members section of the PMI-Tucson website in case you or your organization want to read and discuss the book at some other time.)  Thanks to Cecilia EsguerraBarry Fowlerand Sherri Yandell for their thoughtful, engaged, and spirited discussion of this book. 
Those who attend Book Buzz have the privilege of nominating options for the next PMI-Tucson selection.  Here are the choices for next quarter’s Book Buzz meeting, tentatively slated for June 4th: 

Please send me an email at with your choice or submit a Doodle vote here.  The selection will be made by March 31, 2016 and announced in the April President’s Blog. 
Brown-Mackie College Update 
Regular readers of this space may remember an announcement in the February edition of the President’s Blog about a potential collaboration with Brown-Mackie College.  There was an Advisory Board meeting scheduled for February 19 that was cancelled.  I understand it may be rescheduled for April, but no date has yet been confirmed.  I’ll keep you posted.   
I did receive some feedback that it was unclear how this association will benefit PMI-Tucson.  The short response is:  I don’t know either until the meeting and further discussions are held.  From my perspective, it represents a chance to explore how we can grow our membership specifically in the student population and also expand our Tucson presence.  Stay tuned! 
TechJunction – 3/16, Tucson Convention Center, 8:30 A.M. – 4 P.M. 
TechJunction is a series of educational conferences focused on the latest developments in information security, IT infrastructure and enterprise communications (6.5 CPEs/PDUs available). 
TechJunction Director JR Cantrell extends PMI members a complimentary invitation to you, your staff, peers, and colleagues to the TechJunction Conference.  
As an invitee of the PMI, admission is complimentary and lunch is served as well at an afternoon reception.  
* * * 
If you have reached the end of this long blog, thank you.  I appreciate your engagement and interest.  I know there is a lot to digest above, but I prefer to keep you abreast of all of our current activities rather than write a short, pithy, but ultimately less newsy bulletin. 
Next month, we may have some exciting sponsorship news! 
I hope to see all of you soon.