Thursday, July 6, 2017

New Talent Gap Report: Opportunity Abound

PMI’s recent Talent Gap report shows that by 2027, the project management-oriented labor force is expected to grow by 33 percent in project-oriented industries across 11 countries. Skills in project management are what employers need—in fields as diverse as manufacturing and construction, management and professional service, finance and insurance, information services and publishing, and health care. Even industries that are not highly project-oriented will experience growth in project management-related openings.

Access the report.

Coming Soon: The PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition

The PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition will be published both online and in print in American English and 10 additional languages simultaneously in the third quarter of 2017.

New to the Sixth Edition, each knowledge area will contain a section entitled Approaches for Agile, Iterative and Adaptive Environments, describing how these practices integrate in project settings. Other content enhancements include more emphasis on strategic and business knowledge, including discussion of project management business documents, and information on the PMI Talent Triangle® and the essential skills for success in today’s market.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

April PMI Newsletter

Dear Chapter Stakeholders –

This newsletter will not be as newsy as previous editions as I have only topic to discuss this month. I am pleased that my personal and professional obligations are proceeding in new and exciting ways, but it means I have less time to devote to other worthwhile activities. Unfortunately, my term as the PMI Tucson President falls into the category of important obligations that I can no longer support as it requires. It isn’t fair to the chapter to continue in a reduced capacity when there is so much going on! I am pleased that under my tenure we have:
  • Launched a successful book club – Book Buzz -- that met during 2016 and discussed All Hands on Deck, Balanced Scorecard Evolution, and Mission Critical Meetings.
  • Identified some incredible and passionate talent to fill important roles in the Chapter including Director of Volunteers (Neil Jones), Director of Professional Development (Ty Chang), Pat Branch and Jerry Brown (Joint VPs of Programs).
  • Submitted a major revision to the Chapter Bylaws, a document that had not been updated in five years. The document was reviewed and approved in 2016 by PMI and PMI-Tucson chapter members. (It’s available on our website.)
  • Held our first CAPM/PMP preparation course.
  • Held numerous networking events outside of the regular meeting cadence.
In terms of who will replace me in this position, there will be an election. Please contact any of the current board members if you have questions or concerns about this process.

My best to the chapter – I look forward to everything that will be accomplished in the months and years ahead.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

President's Blog – January 2017

Dear Chapter Stakeholders –
Happy New Year! My best wishes to you and your families for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2017.
In this edition of the President’s Blog:
  • Board Elections
  • University of Arizona Continuing and Professional Education Sponsorship
  • Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act
  • Miscellaneous

Board Elections
The Board fulfills a very important role for PMI-Tucson, such as filing PDUs for members, organizing three monthly events, and performing various administrative duties such as revising the Bylaws and renewal of our nonprofit status. If it were not for the volunteers who give their time we would not have monthly meetings or even a chapter. Therefore, I am grateful to the following individuals who have graciously agreed to run for Board positions:
  • VP of Programs – Patrick Branch and Jerry Brown
  • VP of Membership – Valerie Obie
  • VP Communications – Jason Falter
One position still remains open, and that is President-Elect. (Interested? Click here to read a brief description of the role as well as the anticipated time commitment required.)
When you receive the email regarding elections, please respond promptly. And, when you see a Board member, thank them for volunteering (and ask how you can help)!
As a small chapter, sponsorship funds are vital to pay for token speaker appreciation gifts, gas money for travel to Sierra Vista from Tucson (or vice versa), and raffle gifts for the holiday parties. These are the nice touches that help us attract presenters and also make PMI-Tucson a fun chapter for members. We are thankful for all sponsorships, and gratefully acknowledge a new alliance for December 2016 and January 2017: the University of Arizona’s Continuing and Professional Education office.
Continuing and Professional Education offers Fundamentals of Project Management and also PMP Exam Preparation courses in February of 2017. For more information, check out the Continuing and Professional Education website or call 520.626.5091.
Program Management and Accountability Act
In my September blog post, I discussed the Program Management and Accountability Act. In case you haven’t already seen the news, this piece of legislation was unanimously re-approved by the Senate in early December and signed by President Obama on December 16th. Read all about this act here.


Volunteer Opportunities
A Message from Ty Chang: Happy New Year, Members! Welcome 2017! Professional Development has a few exciting events plan for this year - Professional Development Day (PDD) and CAPM/PMP Workshops.  If you would like to participate in the chapter’s first PDD or shape the future of aspiring project managers by becoming a CAPM/PMP instructor please contact Ty Chang ( or Neil Jones (

Speaker Leads
A Message from Pat Branch and Jerry Brown: We hope all of you welcome 2017 with a positive outlook.  After all, so much of being a PM has to do with us as people, and the relationships we create and maintain, both personally and professionally.  For this year’s programs, we seek to obtain new approaches and examples of how to interact better during the course of executing our project management duties and functions.  We’re keen to hear your ideas for how to increase connections and input about the direction of our upcoming speakers. 

Please contact Pat Branch ( or Jerry Brown ( if you have topic and/or speaker ideas.

* * *
The University of Arizona spring term begins January 11, 2017, which means I am unable to attend any Tuesday evening meetings from then through May. (I will attend as many breakfast meeting sessions as my work schedule permits.) However, my absence does not mean I don’t want to hear from you! Please contact me at if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Hope to see you at the first meeting of the year on January 10, 2017 when Dr. Vincent Del Casino from the University of Arizona will discuss Organizational Performance Management


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

President's Blog – October/November 2016

Dear Chapter Stakeholders –
In this edition of the President’s Blog:
  • Board Elections
  • Fourth Quarter Board Meeting
  • Speaker Leads

Board Elections

It’s that time again!
As a member of PMI-Tucson, this is your chance to influence chapter activities. We’re looking for people who aren’t seat warmers but are anxious to contribute meaningfully to the chapter. Members can nominate someone (or yourself) for any open position.
The following roles are open for a two-year term that begins January 1, 2017 and ends December 31, 2018:
  • President-Elect – This is a new position for PMI-Tucson this year, created to provide one year’s overlap between the current President and the incoming President. Responsible to represent the President in her absence, assume the role of President the year following successful completion of the President Elect’s duties in his/her role, and step into the role of President if the current occupant is unable to perform her duties at any time. (Estimated Time Commitment = 6 – 10 hours per month)
  • VP of Programs - Responsible to engage speakers for all monthly chapter meetings, organize the December holiday parties, and oversee the establishment of the Professional Development Program. (Estimated Time Commitment = 11 – 20 hours per month)
  • VP of Membership – Responsible to maintain accurate membership records, develop and execute outreach programs, and attend monthly chapter meetings (or recruit a surrogate to do so). (Estimated Time Commitment = 6 – 10 hours per month)
  • VP Communications – Responsible to manage the chapter’s web page, LinkedIn presence, and advertising programs. (Estimated Time Commitment = 6 – 10 hours per month)

Everyone is encouraged to participate in this year’s election process even if your only action is to vote. Please let me know if you wish to run for one of these positions no later than Saturday, November 26.

Fourth Quarter Board Meeting

The PMI-Tucson Board of Directors met October 16th for our fourth and final meeting of the year.  Our agenda was:
  • Introductions and Farewells
  • 2017 Strategic Plan Development
  • VP Finance Update
  • Elections
  • Holiday Party
  • Professional Development
  • Twenty Years a Chapter!

Given space limitations, I am going to focus on the agenda items highlighted in red font.

Introductions and Farewells

There were a few new faces at the table including Neil Jones and Ty Chang, both fantastic additions to our Chapter. We’re lucky to have their efforts on our behalf in the area of Director of Volunteers and Director of Professional Development, respectively. I have introduced both of them in this space in previous blog posts.

We also accepted the resignation of Mari Diffley, who has served us well as the Director of Networking for the chapter. She extends her gratitude to the board and volunteers for their support. Given she hasn’t left Tucson, we will hopefully see her at future PMI-Tucson meetings.

2017 Strategic Plan Development

Regular readers of this space know that the Board has been working on its 2017 Strategic Plan at every quarterly meeting, and I am pleased to report that we now have a defined path forward in terms of the direction of the Chapter and for each Board position. 

We have developed a vision, mission/purpose, critical success factors, and values for the Chapter. During the last meeting, each Board position defined SMART goals to be achieved in 2017. Here’s an example, and it’s a goal I own:

By March 31, 2017, establish and analyze metrics to measure Board performance to 2017 goals. 
  • The proposed metrics will be trackable and contain at least two that are applicable to each Board member’s area of responsibility. There will also be at least two trackable metrics for the Board as a whole.
    • Link attainment of metrics to eligibility to travel to LIM or regional meetings.
    • Steps to Achieve:
      • Obtain metrics from other chapters.
      • Identify potential metrics to track performance to 2017 PMI-Tucson Strategic Plan objectives.
      • Present to Board at Q1 Board Meeting for review/approval.

Early next year, I will present a more in-depth overview of the Strategic Plan to the Chapter.

2017 Strategic Plan Development

Ty Chang and I presented a proposal to the Board for a Professional Development Day (PDD) in 2017. This would be a one-day event featuring many speakers on a variety of Project Management topics. The purpose of a PDD is to provide an additional opportunity for members to earn PDUs and network.

The Board provided approval to begin development of preliminary deliverables such as budget development and the collection of bids.

However, our entrance criteria to further development is that we must have six volunteers to help us with this effort. In previous blog posts, I’ve discussed the different roles needed, and those positions are posted in VRMS.

If the chapter wants this to happen, please demonstrate your commitment and volunteer to help Ty with this project!

For more information about the PDD, contact Ty Chang. To discuss volunteer opportunities, contact Neil Jones.

Twenty Years a Chapter

Wow! Next year we will celebrate twenty years as an official Chapter of PMI. Look for special events in 2017 to commemorate.

Speaker Leads

We’re always interested in ideas for speakers -- please contact Jason Falter if you have suggestions.

* * *
As a reminder, school is in session at the UA and that means I will be unable to attend any Tuesday evening meetings. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

President's Blog - September 2016

Dear Chapter Stakeholders –
In this edition of the President’s Blog:
  • Book Buzz
  • Board Vacancy: Vice President of Finance
  • Highlights from the September PMI Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM)
  • Reminders

o   Speaker Ideas
o   Professional Development

Book Buzz
Last month, we had a terrific Book Buzz meeting due to the engagement of those in attendance as well as the presence of the author of our chosen book, Mission Critical Meetings: 81 Practical Facilitation Techniques. We had great conversations about this topic and got to ask specific, individual questions of Ava Butler. Thanks to Ava as well as to our fantastic members: Robert Mitchell, Jessica Rickenbach, and Susan Turcotte.
The next book has not yet been selected. I have contacted the company who published Ava’s book and asked for a list of local business authors who would be interested in appearing at an upcoming meeting and attending Book Buzz. Stay tuned: I’ve got some meetings scheduled next week to discuss details with the folks who have expressed interest.
Board Vacancy: Vice President of Finance
Many of you who follow this space regularly attend our meetings know that we’ve been searching for a replacement for our Vice President of Finance. Now I have great news! Marcela Delgado has re-evaluated her personal situation and has offered to complete her term on the Board; we’re very glad to have her back.
Highlights from the September PMI Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM)
Jaime Gomez (Vice President of Administration) and I attended last month’s PMI Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) in San Diego. The conference was wonderful and I took at least 50 pages of notes. I assigned myself way too many action items, but I’ll work through them in the coming year.
In this space, I want to highlight some of the things I learned. This month, I call your attention to the efforts of PMI to reform federal government program management practices and policies. On September 22nd, the U.S. House of Representatives approved S.1550, the “Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015” or “PMIAA.” The purpose of the legislation is to: create a formal career path for program managers in the federal government; develop a standards-based program management policy; recognize the importance of the role and engagement of the sponsor; and collect and share best practices and lessons learned throughout the federal government.
The bill now returns to the U.S. Senate – where it was already unanimously approved -- for final passage.
Read more about it here on the PMI website.

Professional Development

Reminder that Ty Chang -- our Director of Professional Development -- needs a few volunteers. Opportunities have been posted to VRMS: We need a Course Director, Course Manager, Course Coordinator, and several Course Instructors. (Volunteers may claim PDU credit for their efforts.) If you have specific questions about the Professional Development initiative, please contact Ty (

Speaker Ideas

We’re always interested in ideas for speakers -- please contact Jason Falter ( if you have suggestions.

* * *
As a reminder, school is in session at the UA and that means I will be unable to attend any Tuesday evening meetings. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

President's Blog - August 2016

Dear Chapter Stakeholders –
In this edition of the President’s Blog:
  • Professional Development
  • Board Vacancy: Vice President of Finance
  • PMI-Tucson Bylaws
  • Book Buzz
  • Speaker Ideas
  • Presentation Materials

Professional Development
Last month, PMI-Tucson was fortunate to gain a transplant from the San Diego Chapter, Ty Chang. In California, he served as Vice President of Professional Development, and was instrumental in the success of that Chapter’s program. Thankfully for us, he’s ready to assist the PMI-Tucson Chapter in the development and implementation of Professional Development program here. (At this time, PMI-Tucson Bylaws do not provide for a Vice President of Professional Development role, so Ty has been approved by the Board to function as our Director of Professional Development.)

I am very excited about this because I know it’s something our members will value.

Of course, the launch of this ambitious project will require volunteers to support. Be on the lookout for opportunities posted to VRMS: We’ll need a Course Director, Course Manager, Course Coordinator, and several Course Instructors. (Volunteers may claim PDU credit for their efforts.)

Please welcome Ty to our Chapter, and be sure to contact him ( if you have ideas about this initiative!

Board Vacancy: Vice President of Finance
Unfortunately, our proposed Vice President of Finance had an unexpected personal situation arise and she had to withdraw from consideration. If you’re interested in serving on the Board, please review the VRMS posting for the position, and/or contact Neil Jones ( or Eve Cran (
PMI-Tucson Bylaws
Final news item regarding our PMI-Tucson Bylaws – the recent revisions have been approved by our membership. Thank you for taking the time to review our old and revised Bylaws, and then for voting to approve them. If you missed the opportunity to vote but still want to review the Bylaws, they are located on the PMI-Tucson website under About Us\Bylaws.
Book Buzz
Quick reminder about Book Buzz! We’ve had a good response to this quarter’s selection: Ava S. Butler’s Mission Critical Meetings: 81 Practical Facilitation Techniques. Please join us on Saturday, September 17th at Caffe LucĂ© (4205 N. Campbell) to discuss this book – with the author! Ava has graciously agreed to attend, so don’t miss this opportunity to further explore the topic of meeting efficacy with the author! Register on the PMI-Tucson Events page.
Speaker Ideas
We’re always interested in ideas for speakers -- please contact Jason Falter ( if you have suggestions.

Presentation Materials
Looking for the materials presented by a speaker at one of our meetings? If the speaker provided permission to post them, they can be found on the PMI-Tucson website under Chapter Members\Presentations.
* * *
By the time this blog is published, classes will have started at the University of Arizona. Many of you know that I am an adjunct lecturer of Project Management at the school. My schedule this term is Tuesday and Thursday evenings, so unfortunately I will not be able to attend any of the Tucson dinner meetings until the end of the year. I regret this inaccessibility, but as my schedule permits I will attend other PMI events. If you have an idea for the Chapter, wish to volunteer, or ask a question of me, please do not hesitate to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!