Saturday, March 12, 2016

President's Blog - March 2016

Dear Chapter Stakeholders – 
It’s been an eventful month and first quarter!  In this edition of the President’s Blog, I’ll talk about our Chapter Bylaws, volunteer opportunities, the inaugural meeting of Book Buzz, provide an update on the proposed Brown-Mackie College collaboration, and extend an offer from the organizers of the upcoming TechJunction conference to PMI members to attend the event for free.  Hang on!  Here we go… 
PMI-Tucson Chapter Bylaws 
PMI-Tucson has not reviewed or updated our Bylaws since 2010, and it’s time to do so both to ensure they reflect our current needs and situation, and also because PMI requires it. 
Both PMI and the Board have reviewed and made suggested changes to the Bylaws.  We have a few outstanding questions to resolve, but once we do, the approval of them will go through the following process: 
  • The proposed Bylaws will be made available on the chapter’s website for a designated review period 
  • Members can vote on the Bylaws using Votenet (not yet available) 
  • If the Bylaws are approved by the members, the new version will be updated to the website. 

Note: the current version of the Bylaws is available on the website under the About Us link.  (Access here.) 
Volunteer Opportunities 
Good news and bad news.  First the good news:  Mari Diffley has offered to serve as the Director of Programs (Dinner Meetings), reporting to Dr. Elizabeth Lugosi, our VP of Membership.  The entire Board thanks Mari for volunteering to make sure registration and logistics operate smoothly at the dinner meetings.  It’s a very important role and contributes to our success as a chapter as this person is often the chapter’s first contact with new and potential members, in addition to welcoming our existing membership to the meeting. 
The following must be filed under the heading of good news/bad news:  The good news is that Sami Hall has accepted a position with a great organization in town.  Congratulations!  However, that means Sami is not available to serve as our Director of Networking.  This position is responsible for developing our networking events, initially proposed at once a quarter.  This is an important service, and part of the Board’s commitment to provide more value to our membership.  If you have the bandwidth, please consider taking on this vital position.  Contact me ( for any additional information. 
Book Buzz 
The inaugural meeting of Book Buzz was held on Saturday, March 5th.  Although some might consider the turnout of four people low, those who attended had a great discussion about Peter Boni’s book, All Hands on Deck.  (We’ll post the discussion questions online in the Chapter Members section of the PMI-Tucson website in case you or your organization want to read and discuss the book at some other time.)  Thanks to Cecilia EsguerraBarry Fowlerand Sherri Yandell for their thoughtful, engaged, and spirited discussion of this book. 
Those who attend Book Buzz have the privilege of nominating options for the next PMI-Tucson selection.  Here are the choices for next quarter’s Book Buzz meeting, tentatively slated for June 4th: 

Please send me an email at with your choice or submit a Doodle vote here.  The selection will be made by March 31, 2016 and announced in the April President’s Blog. 
Brown-Mackie College Update 
Regular readers of this space may remember an announcement in the February edition of the President’s Blog about a potential collaboration with Brown-Mackie College.  There was an Advisory Board meeting scheduled for February 19 that was cancelled.  I understand it may be rescheduled for April, but no date has yet been confirmed.  I’ll keep you posted.   
I did receive some feedback that it was unclear how this association will benefit PMI-Tucson.  The short response is:  I don’t know either until the meeting and further discussions are held.  From my perspective, it represents a chance to explore how we can grow our membership specifically in the student population and also expand our Tucson presence.  Stay tuned! 
TechJunction – 3/16, Tucson Convention Center, 8:30 A.M. – 4 P.M. 
TechJunction is a series of educational conferences focused on the latest developments in information security, IT infrastructure and enterprise communications (6.5 CPEs/PDUs available). 
TechJunction Director JR Cantrell extends PMI members a complimentary invitation to you, your staff, peers, and colleagues to the TechJunction Conference.  
As an invitee of the PMI, admission is complimentary and lunch is served as well at an afternoon reception.  
* * * 
If you have reached the end of this long blog, thank you.  I appreciate your engagement and interest.  I know there is a lot to digest above, but I prefer to keep you abreast of all of our current activities rather than write a short, pithy, but ultimately less newsy bulletin. 
Next month, we may have some exciting sponsorship news! 
I hope to see all of you soon.