Tuesday, January 3, 2017

President's Blog – January 2017

Dear Chapter Stakeholders –
Happy New Year! My best wishes to you and your families for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2017.
In this edition of the President’s Blog:
  • Board Elections
  • University of Arizona Continuing and Professional Education Sponsorship
  • Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act
  • Miscellaneous

Board Elections
The Board fulfills a very important role for PMI-Tucson, such as filing PDUs for members, organizing three monthly events, and performing various administrative duties such as revising the Bylaws and renewal of our nonprofit status. If it were not for the volunteers who give their time we would not have monthly meetings or even a chapter. Therefore, I am grateful to the following individuals who have graciously agreed to run for Board positions:
  • VP of Programs – Patrick Branch and Jerry Brown
  • VP of Membership – Valerie Obie
  • VP Communications – Jason Falter
One position still remains open, and that is President-Elect. (Interested? Click here to read a brief description of the role as well as the anticipated time commitment required.)
When you receive the email regarding elections, please respond promptly. And, when you see a Board member, thank them for volunteering (and ask how you can help)!
As a small chapter, sponsorship funds are vital to pay for token speaker appreciation gifts, gas money for travel to Sierra Vista from Tucson (or vice versa), and raffle gifts for the holiday parties. These are the nice touches that help us attract presenters and also make PMI-Tucson a fun chapter for members. We are thankful for all sponsorships, and gratefully acknowledge a new alliance for December 2016 and January 2017: the University of Arizona’s Continuing and Professional Education office.
Continuing and Professional Education offers Fundamentals of Project Management and also PMP Exam Preparation courses in February of 2017. For more information, check out the Continuing and Professional Education website or call 520.626.5091.
Program Management and Accountability Act
In my September blog post, I discussed the Program Management and Accountability Act. In case you haven’t already seen the news, this piece of legislation was unanimously re-approved by the Senate in early December and signed by President Obama on December 16th. Read all about this act here.


Volunteer Opportunities
A Message from Ty Chang: Happy New Year, Members! Welcome 2017! Professional Development has a few exciting events plan for this year - Professional Development Day (PDD) and CAPM/PMP Workshops.  If you would like to participate in the chapter’s first PDD or shape the future of aspiring project managers by becoming a CAPM/PMP instructor please contact Ty Chang (ty.chang.ee.mba.pmp@gmail.com) or Neil Jones (jonesneilp@gmail.com).

Speaker Leads
A Message from Pat Branch and Jerry Brown: We hope all of you welcome 2017 with a positive outlook.  After all, so much of being a PM has to do with us as people, and the relationships we create and maintain, both personally and professionally.  For this year’s programs, we seek to obtain new approaches and examples of how to interact better during the course of executing our project management duties and functions.  We’re keen to hear your ideas for how to increase connections and input about the direction of our upcoming speakers. 

Please contact Pat Branch (patrickbranch@hotmail.com) or Jerry Brown (jlbrown41@comcast.net) if you have topic and/or speaker ideas.

* * *
The University of Arizona spring term begins January 11, 2017, which means I am unable to attend any Tuesday evening meetings from then through May. (I will attend as many breakfast meeting sessions as my work schedule permits.) However, my absence does not mean I don’t want to hear from you! Please contact me at evecran@gmail.com if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Hope to see you at the first meeting of the year on January 10, 2017 when Dr. Vincent Del Casino from the University of Arizona will discuss Organizational Performance Management