Saturday, April 29, 2017

April PMI Newsletter

Dear Chapter Stakeholders –

This newsletter will not be as newsy as previous editions as I have only topic to discuss this month. I am pleased that my personal and professional obligations are proceeding in new and exciting ways, but it means I have less time to devote to other worthwhile activities. Unfortunately, my term as the PMI Tucson President falls into the category of important obligations that I can no longer support as it requires. It isn’t fair to the chapter to continue in a reduced capacity when there is so much going on! I am pleased that under my tenure we have:
  • Launched a successful book club – Book Buzz -- that met during 2016 and discussed All Hands on Deck, Balanced Scorecard Evolution, and Mission Critical Meetings.
  • Identified some incredible and passionate talent to fill important roles in the Chapter including Director of Volunteers (Neil Jones), Director of Professional Development (Ty Chang), Pat Branch and Jerry Brown (Joint VPs of Programs).
  • Submitted a major revision to the Chapter Bylaws, a document that had not been updated in five years. The document was reviewed and approved in 2016 by PMI and PMI-Tucson chapter members. (It’s available on our website.)
  • Held our first CAPM/PMP preparation course.
  • Held numerous networking events outside of the regular meeting cadence.
In terms of who will replace me in this position, there will be an election. Please contact any of the current board members if you have questions or concerns about this process.

My best to the chapter – I look forward to everything that will be accomplished in the months and years ahead.


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